There are thousands of varieties of natural stone that are extracted, processed and sold every day around the world, but the truth is that a variety that is as recognizable as the Crema Marfil marble, a type of marble which has managed to create its own brand and conquer builders and designers specialized in decoration has made it. This type of peculiar marble is extracted from the mountain of El Coto de Alicante and exported at national and international level. So many know him as the Crema Marfil of Spain.

Why is the Crema Marfil from Spain

Crema Marfil is a beige marble whose original source is the mountain of El Coto, in Alicante. In this area there are more than 20 quarries that are dedicated to the extraction of the original natural stone 100% giving rise to the Crema Marfil marble.

All the local industry worker of this natural stone is located in Elda, Novelda, Monforte del Cid, La Romana, Pinoso, Monóvar or Algueña. And it is that Crema Marfil marble has given work to thousands of qualified professionals who are distributed among the jobs of extraction and processing of this marble.

There are many reasons why the Crema Marfil has become market becoming one of the most popular marble. And it is that, leaving aside its strength, durability and elegance, characteristic of this stone beige allows a perfect combination with any stone, piece of furniture or decoration.

The most popular finish on the market is the Crema Marfil polished but if you want to stand out above the rest can choose a Crema Marfil, antique, sandblasting or bushhammered. In any case, for projects it is usual send honed marble and when installing proceeds to Polish.

Classifications of Crema Marfil

The ivory cream from Spain is popular domestically but internationally is still more and that more than 100 different countries importing this marble from our country. It is used in stairs, floors, countertops, kitchens or bathrooms but there is a small problem and that each company performs a few different classifications based on criteria not standards when it comes to describe each type of marble Crema Marfil. More uniform criterion is, without doubt, which makes reference to tonality: light or dark.

It is also used the criterion of the veins: with streaks or without streaks concentrated or little concentrated. In this sense emphasizes the “Crema Marfil encalizado”, with streaks of white limestone.

However, there is a very popular variety which has no veins but grains and which for this reason is called “grain rice variety”. In addition, the so-called “variety water” shows a kind of sea waves when its surface is polished.

Good, but no there are more varieties of cream ivory of Spain, right? You are wrong. If we look at the key also we can find ivory cream pink or greenish, but so far it has been extracted in small quantities. There is also a “cream ivory flower type” that contains a series of white spots that are reminiscent of the silhouettes of flowers and that do not have to necessarily be uniform.

You see, the varieties of cream ivory of Spain are multiple and it is why it is so difficult to opt for one so we recommend to let yourself be guided by the visual experience and choose the marble with the finish that best suits your home decor.

Crema Marfil of Spain: the only authentic 100%

Like all products that succeed in the market, it happens that many companies are starting to sell other types of marble with tones similar to Crema Marfil under this name. So you end up producing a scam the customer believed to be buying Crema Marfil when in fact not doing it.

In this sense, it is important to note that there are few materials that possess the characteristics of Crema Marfil and why a person professional specializing in the topic will know perfectly differentiate between a genuine Crema Marfil marble and one that is not given it to their color, touch, consistency and grinding are unique in the world.

For this reason, it is important to analyze very well in which company buy ivory cream to avoid buying a product that really is not what you are looking for.

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