Crema Marfil marble has become a trend in the design and decoratation. Let us explain you the advantages of its application at home.

Benefits of using marble Crema Marfil

Our product is implemented in more and more buildings, whether are public or private housing. It´s use in stairs is increasingly common and is due to the characteristics of this material can not be found in any other: original design, resistance and easy maintenance make it ideal for dressing your staircase.

Original design

The Crema Marfil marble stairs highlights among other marbles due to it´s warm and nice beige color. It is considered an element of decoration customizable based on it´s plain tonality. The lightness and elegance that provides a built with this type of marble staircase is undeniable and granite stairs or other stones do not provide the level of design sophistication.


Marble is one of the most resistant materials over time even to last 20 years without requiring any specific maintenance. So, as the stairs are one of the housing parts most commonly used, it is essential that their construction is made on the basis of a durable material and there is no better material than the Crema Marfil marble.

Easy Maintenance

As we mentioned in the previous point, this marble of Spain, and almost any type of marble, do not need a complicated maintenance. In fact, a simple cleaning with soap specific for marble polishing and the subsequent drying mope is the only maintenance you must make your stairs Crema Marfil.

Your guests will ask for your new stairs and your family will love the change. What are you waiting to place your Crema Marfil marble stairs?

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