Crema Marfil marble

The Crema Marfil has achieved over the years to be recognized as one of the best known natural stones in the world. Few materials match in importance the Crema Marfil marble within the natural stone sector.

It is also known as Crema Marfil Coto, in reference to the name of the quarry from which this material is extracted. We speak of the mountain El Coto, located in the Alicante town of Pinoso. Although there are other quarries, mostly in border areas, the El Coto quarry in Alicante is the main source and the original Crema Marfil quarry.

The popularity of this natural stone is so great that it is currently exported to more than 100 countries, forming part of projects and constructions of all kinds. Its soft and clear color makes it a perfect marble to combine with any other stone of different color or shape.

We speak, therefore, of an exclusive material of great beauty. Therefore, at Stonelink we strive to offer the highest possible quality of this marble, looking for it to always look at its maximum splendor. From its extraction, through its preparation, to its placement on site, we make sure to take care of every detail to achieve the final goal: a quality Crema Marfil marble that stands out above the rest.

Crema Marfil. Life and light for your floor

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We have the largest catalog of marbles. We offer you the possibility of having the most exclusive marbles in the world in your home.


We are the only company that will allow you to see photos of the material before cutting. We do not advance the production until we have received your approval.


We use our experience in the sector to advise you during the process, with the aim of achieving the best final result.


 Stonelink is member of the Marble Association of Alicante

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From what quarry is extracted?

The Monte Coto quarry is fed by Paleogene deposits, with a formation that goes back more than thirty-two million years. In it the marble variety ‘Crema Marfil’ is extracted, one of the best known and commercialized. So much so that it represents more than 80% of the production of marbles throughout the province of Alicante.

Crema Marfil Coto has some physical and aesthetic characteristics that make it a marble of exceptional beauty and elegance. Soft as cream and beautiful as ivory, this could be a definition that explains why it is one of the most appreciated and demanded marbles in the world.


What uses do you have?

Crema Marfil is a very resistant marble that fits perfectly in any space. Therefore, it is usual that this is a material widely used in interior and exterior decoration projects. In fact, its uses are much broader than one might imagine. These are some examples:

Crema Marfil indoors: floors, walls, stairs, countertops, bathrooms, fireplaces, etc.

Crema Marfil outdoors: pavement, facades, coatings, stairs, windows, swimming pools, etc.

What qualities do we offer?

Unlike other materials of artificial origin, and being natural stone, the configuration of Crema Marfil marble depends exclusively on what the mountain offers. However, not all the blocks that are extracted from the quarry are equal, but each of them has its own characteristics, thus allowing the classification of this marble in different qualities. Depending on the tonality and the veins, as well as other factors, in Stonelink we can offer you spanish Crema Marfil marble in different qualities.



Its quartz veins and fossils give this material a more classic look. Nature and millions of years of antiquity embodied in a single material.


Its uniform bottom and its soft color typical of El Coto quarry turns this Crema Marfil into a marble with a great strenght and personality .


Plasma all the essence of marble Crema Marfil: fine veins that intertwine in creamy background to confer a sober and elegant image.


Very soft veins, barely perceptible, without losing the aesthetics and elegance of the Crema Marfil. The perfect material to create unique spaces.


Crema Marfil marble in its maximum splendor: uniform color, almost invisible veins and guaranteed luminosity. There is no better material to print a distinguished touch to any construction


What format do you like?


Choose between any of our flooring formats. Or if you prefer we can cut it to your needs.

What finishes does it allow?


The polished finish is the most used in all types of marbles. With it you get an incredible shine and reflection, also highlighting the colors and drawings of the material.


With this finish is achieved to give more personality to any marble. It resembles polishing, because the surface is smooth and the color is enhanced, but the brightness and reflection of light are less.


The purpose of this finish is to achieve a texture that allows to highlight the natural characteristics of marble. In this way the veins are defined more and the surface becomes rough and irregular.


Similar to brushed, the bushhammered finish gives greater roughness and more pronounced differences in level. A perfect finish for exteriors.

What are the characteristics of Crema Marfil marble?

Density2,70 g/cm3
Absorption coefficient0,14%
Compresssion force970 kg/cm2
Flexural strength121 kg/cm2
Wear resistance0,32 mm
Impact resistance39 cm

Do you want to know more about Crema Marfil?

In our Frequently Asked Questions section you will find answers to anything you need to know about Crema Marfil marble. For example, what is the price per m2 of ivory cream marble? What are the main characteristics of Crema Marfil? How to know if it is original Crema Marfil marble?, etc.

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4 Shipment of merchandise

When the process of elaboration concludes and the total payment has been paid, we load the material to take it to the indicated address.

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Stonelink belongs to the Marble Association of Alicante

Stonelink belongs to the Marble Association of Alicante

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