That the  Crema Marfil marble is a tendency in the world of decoration is not new but today we talk about one of the most common uses that is given to such as strong and elegant marble: we talk about the kitchens dressed with this product. In this article, we discuss the reasons that can lead us to integrate this type of marble in our kitchen and its main advantages.

Benefits of using Crema Marfil at kitchens

Crema Marfil marble is one of the materials most widely used in the design and decoration of bathrooms in recent years. But today, the trend is directed towards the implementation of this type of marble in stairs and kitchens, places where this product becomes the true protagonist. And what are the advantages of having this marble at the kitchen?


The kitchen is one of the hardest hit areas of the house, water, heat, humidity, steam, striped … There are many risk factors that exist in a kitchen that can damage the countertop material. So builders have always recommended countertops resistant materials and are now designers who join this recommendationwith Crema Marfil. Why? because this marble is resistant to scratches and has a liquid filtration capacity than any other material. This implies that no typical unwanted spots appear on your countertop.


The elegance and brightness that conveys a Crema Marfil marble kitchen can not get with any other material. These properties of this type of marble are those that have more love designers and decorators recommend placing this product almost anywhere in the house.

Is indifferent to give light or not, you have darker or lighter furniture, combined with Crema Marfil everything and give a brightness and clarity to your spectacular rooms. In the kitchen it is exactly the same and therefore the trend of Crema Marfil marble kitchens increases daily. In fact, its intermediate design between the vintage, so fashionable today, and modern, make it the perfect place to have your fine cuisine and a stylish design material.

Easy Maintenance

Crema Marfil maintenance is very simple, hence the decoration professionals also recommend place in soils. You do not need great care or special products to be used often, as can happen with other materials. The only important detail is dry thoroughly for better conservation.

If you still have doubts about what material placed on the counter of your kitchen, do not hesitate: choose the Crema Marfil and gives a touch of design and shine to the place of the house where we spent so much time but of how some worry about in terms of design and elegance.

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