The marble has always been considered one of the strongest building materials over time. Many have been found in your kitchen countertops that remain intact despite passing more than 20 years. Well, today, the Crema Marfil  has managed to become a trendy marble worldwide.

Crema Marfil: the fashion color for your home

Ivory cream are the range of colors in general more used to give an elegant touch to any home. Decorating with beige colors is really easy because they are clear, pleasing to the eye and giving a gentle contrast with almost any household object colors.

A big advantage of using ivory tones is the light that give the area in which they find themselves. This is because they reflect natural light ina very elegant way, so the Crema Marfil has become the star of stairs and floors of homes and public buildings.

Another advantage of this color range is that it can be used for decorative techniques that aim to make contrasts between various shades, such as the famous mop. Moreover, borders and other decorative elements are seamlessly with these colors, especially if it comes to components with darker tones.

In addition, stains or damage on ivory or cream colors are not shown as clearly as with white backgrounds and this is another advantage that experts in decoration love.

So what are you waiting for to implement the Crema Marfil in your next deco project?

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