Natural stones often have different finishes that can acquire properties and different aesthetics. In the case of polished Crema Marfil, finishing one of the most popular marbles of recent times: the Crema Marfil.

For everyone knows that marble is one of the most rugged and durable materials. So builders have spent years trying to convince us that it is the best material that can be used on floors, countertops, bathrooms or stairwells. However, it has not been until now when designers and home decorators have realized the potential of this type of marble, not only in terms of strength and durability but in terms of design.

And what is the Crema Marfil more popular? Crema Marfil polished and we tell you why.

Why choose Crema Marfil polished for your home


Crema Marfil Marble is known for the lightness and brightness that conveys to the area in which it is installed. Being a material capable of impregnating lighting to any room you get some light and duplicate is the main reason why this material is becoming the king of the world of decoration.

Well, if this property and has the Crema Marfil naturally, can you imagine how you can extol if you polish it? Well yes. Maril polished Crema is much brighter and smooth when this technique is used special cleaning. And it is reinforcing the color!

More resistance

The resistance of the marble as a building material is already known by everyone. The cream is nothing short Maril is why many say that with proper maintenance, can be one of the most durable interior materials.

However, using this polishing resistance and durability can be increased much. With this technique, the pores of the stone itself gets close to the maximum and have increased resistance to adversity or any external attack (impacts, wear and tear, liquid absorption, etc.)

In short, if this marble is already naturally resistant, with polished technique that resistance is increased more. How not going to polish it?

In any case, is the Crema Marfil polished finish, despite forming a stronger and shiny material, can not be successful for any environment or room. For example, in an outdoor environment, this enhanced by light polishing technique can be unnatural and not fit too with the elements around.

With the latter we mean that choosing the perfect finish of our marble is not always an easy task because design issues and the elements surrounding the marble or the type of light with which we, may be enough to opt for a marble finish Crema Marfil polished different.

So you’ve decided which combines marble finish better at home?

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