We hear more and more about this natural stone that has conquered decorators and builders around the world. It is characterized by being a material of enormous strength and, above all, for its beauty and elegance. The Crema Marfil is different from all the others, has a unique Finish and exceptional characteristics. That is why, today, is the most popular worldwide.

Daily removed and processed thousands of varieties of natural stone by everyone but the famous marble Crema Marfil is only quarried in Spain, specifically in the Mount of the Coto , in Alicante.

Is Crema Marfil marble cheap?

The increased competition in the sector of the extraction of natural stone in recent years has been the appearance of new low-quality products as well as imitations of authentic Crema Marfil marble. To some extent it is normal to happen since the demand is very great.

The problem comes when the customer thinks buying authentic Crema Marfil for a price lower than the market and does not know that you are getting a completely different stone which has properties that make it not so special to the original. In many cases, if the client is not advised by an expert in decoration or construction can easily fall into the “trap” and get ripped off.

It is normal that, when we are planning a work, we try to reduce expenses and let ourselves be carried away by certain offers. Now, when the material we have acquired start to deteriorate and lose its luster and we will be forced to spend more money on hold or even replace it. In final, if cheap can leave expensive and when we talk about our home there is that attempting to get informed on what you are acquiring.

Factors that mark the final price of the Crema Marfil marble

In Stonelink, we carry years dedicated to the production of this unique stone and are specialists in their subsequent treatment. The factors that determine the final price of our cornerstone are as follows.

The volume of the order

To greater volume of order, lower is the price end. If you make a purchase very large or bulky you’ll enjoy special discounts.

Type of finish

Each type of finish has its peculiarities and requires a unique and specific treatment. For example, does not have the same price a Crema Marfil polished like a finish aged or chiseled.


The price also varies depending on the volume of extraction of the different shades. There are varieties like the cream ivory pink or greenish which are more difficult to find and therefore its price can be slightly higher than those of other varieties.

Guarantee of authenticity

As you can see, the price of the Crema Marfil marble is conditioned by various factors that make that your price is certainly volatile. Stonelink is a factory specialized in the production of marble Crema Marfil.

We manage numerous projects of all kinds such as buildings and public buildings, offices and homes of course. All this popular Spanish marble has played a prominent role. Therefore, can guarantee the original quality of natural stone extracted in the mountains of El Coto is not lost on any part of the process.

We take care to maximize both extraction and subsequent treatment processes to offer a premium cream ivory marble. At Stonelink, we specialize in Crema Marfil and offer a wide variety of finishes, sizes and prices. Our condition of manufacturer, Distributor and warehouse allows us to offer the best prices on the market in the absence of intermediaries that even more expensive final product that the customer wants.

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