Although there are many finishes that you can get Crema Marfil marble, is a fact that one of the most popular and favourite for the Interior is marble Antique ivory. The advantage offered by this type of natural stone is the possibility to access different options of decoration by the surface treatment that applies to the marble.

What is the Crema Marfil Antique marble?

When you talk about aged Crema Marfil marble, what is meant is to surface finish given to the marble. It is an aged finish in which the stone is given a certain roughness, as well as a porous and satin finish also. The aged finish has the aim of highlighting the details, as well as the character of the piece completely preserving their natural appearance.

It is important to mention that to obtain this old or antique finish marble, the stone must undergo a series of treatments, which may well be chemical or physical processes also. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Aged with chemical process

Crema Marfil marble aged with chemical process involves the application of acidic chemicals directly on the surface of the stone. Once this application is made, is that chemicals Act on the surface over a period of time. What happens then is that all of these acids are responsible for wear away the surface layer of marble in a non-homogeneous way and naturally, which gets this textured finish that is so characteristic of the aged cream marble.

Aged by physical process

What is basically done in this case is to use procedures of physical abrasion using abrasive brushes with hard minerals such as corundum. Here it is important to mention that according to the type of abrasive brush that you choose to treat the surface of marble, possible obtaining different types of finish of aged, all of which ultimately is reflected in the texture and roughness.

In addition to aesthetic, it is also durable

The genius of the aged cream marble is that not only gets a finish that is visually very appealing, but also has a high durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions, as well as chemical products. Both chemical processes and physical processes that are used to obtain the antique marble finish, require another type of treatments and surface applications by way of complement in such a way that marble acquires greater stability.

This makes it particularly suitable for any area or zone where required an environment of vintage or retro that precisely match the old or aged appearance that offers marble outdoor.

Unlimited possibilities of decoration

For those looking for a type of different decoration or outside the conventional, marble Antique ivory is one of the best options that you can find. As a decorative element, this type of marble with antique finish is perfect for stays where is already a vintage decor or rustic, even can also be ideal for offices or commercial establishments where what is sought is a balance between modern décor and classic decorative elements.

Areas such as the living room or the living room with fireplace, are ideal for use this type of marble is achieved to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but it can actually be used in any area of the home where you want to modify the decoration and create a unique and exclusive setting.

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