Are you curious to know what is the price of the Crema Marfil marble? This natural stone has become fashionable in the field of construction and decoration in recent years and many are those who want to store the best possible information about the manufacturing process and its price. So we have decided to tell the secrets that the companies manufacturers take into account when assigning prices to this peculiar marble. Want to know how we do it? We have what you then:

Calculate price of Crema Marfil

Neither Stonelink nor any other manufacturer of Crema Marfil can put an overall price that serves for all Crema Marfil marble sold at its facilities but yes they can clarify what factors are taken into account to calculate the price and that’s exactly what we will do in the following lines:

Key facts of the price of the Crema Marfil

Order volume

We can say that a fixed price that we can assign to the Crema Marfil because this depends on many factors there is. And is that not only the amount of product is a reference point in assigning a price to the marble although Yes we can say that they will offer certain discounts for large purchases or bulkier.

And other factors can influence the allocation of Crema Marfil marble price? As the finish and tonality.

Type of finish

Does not have the same price a Crema Marfil polished like a finish aged, flamed or chiseled. If the customer walks short of budget you can opt for the most economical finish to save a few euros on your final bill.


Depending on the volume of extraction of different tones, these will have higher or lower prices. For example, the cream ivory pink or greenish aren’t so easily found and why its price can be slightly higher than those of other varieties.

In addition, the possession of spots or streaks may also increase the final price of the Crema Marfil.

Direct or intermediary company

One of the key factors when deciding where to purchase Crema Marfil marble to obtain more competitive rates is to find a company like Stonelink to carry out the entire process of manufacture and distribution by itself and which has its own stores.

In this way, the company does not have to make more expensive the price of marble to pay to third parties and can assign the best prices in the market to every variety of Crema Marfil available as stock in their stores.

As you can see, Crema Marfil marble price depends on many factors, but the truth is that in the case of Stonelink we can guarantee the original quality of natural stone extracted on the mountain of El Coto is not lost on any part of the process thanks to our supervision. Then, would you like to purchase Crema Marfil marble at the best price of the market? Visit our facilities and asks for information on the different varieties and price of Crema Marfil.

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