Stonelink is a specialist in the production of top-quality Crema Marfil marble , but its success not only is due to this condition. And is that this factory of Crema Marfil is located just a few kilometres from Monte Coto, the quarry from which is extracted the authentic 100% Crema Marfil marble.This proximity allows them to be every day on the same mountain quarry to obtain the best marble of this type to distribute it later from the storage warehouse located in Novelda. In addition, they keep a deep control of the whole process and carry out projects customized thanks to this method of daily work.

Stonelink does not only distribute a large amount of marble at the national level but that export to foreign countries is part of their day to day.

How Stonelink works

As we have already mentioned above, the Crema Marfil marble is extracted from the quarry and factory but does it be sold directly? Obviously it is not that easy. Stonelink works and manufactures the stone to prepare it and get the material that the customer wants. Thus, different formats, sizes and finishes are obtained.

In addition, their staff deals personally and monitor throughout all the manufacturing process in order to ensure the best possible natural stone final quality of our quarry. In this way, the marble is worked under the most optimal conditions and so Stonelink can surely offer the best customer back office service.

This allows all Stonelink large-sized facilities, equipped with technological advances and the machineries ideal to streamline the entire production of marble.

Cut to size Crema Marfil mable

The main formats are 60x60x2cm and 60x30x2cm, as well as slabs 2 and 3 cm. However, Stonelink also performs works of cut to size and special works, for example for countertops finishes or staircases.

For this reason, if your customer needs a custom manufacture with regard to format and measures there will be any problem. Moreover, Stonelink stands out by its small jobs but also by their larger projects in which sold tens of thousands of square meters of Crema Marfil.

In addition, Stonelink performs:

  • Marble blocks cut : sawing, cutting, calibration blocks in tables with thickness and custom measures.
  • The development of different types of finish: polished, bushhammered, antique, flamed, Chiseled, etc.
  • The packing and loading of the material carefully with the adaptation required by European standards.

Thanks to all the working process of this company specializing in the production of Cream ivory can offer excellent quality at the best prices in the market. And it is that Stonelink is the manufacturer direct responsible for the supervision of quality carried out by personnel qualified to do so. Without a doubt, the quality of Crema Marfil marble here sold is guaranteed.

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