Crema Marfil has become a trend and not only constructive level but in terms of decoration and design. One of its main features, the strength and durability, has been key to thousands of professionals from the decoration surrender at the feet of this material. However, although not requiring great care or special maintenance too, it is true that if certain guidelines are followed can extend its life and maintain its original state for longer. Want to know what these recommendations to maintain this marble? What you have.

Recommendations for care Crema Marfil marble

Maintaining this type of marble clean and in the best possible condition is extremely easy. In fact, if you have Crema Marfil installed in any room in your home, you should know well. However, if it is true that if not carried out a series of basic recommendations for care and maintenance of this peculiar marble can be damaged more quickly.

Some of the recommendations for the proper maintenance of this type of marble are:

Regular cleaning with soap and water

Routine cleaning of marble could fix it quietly in twice a week, but it must be with soap and water. Through a cloth rubbed the marble surface to make its brightness is not turned off with the passage of time. Just make sure to dry thoroughly clean the entire surface once you’re done. We say this because although the Crema Marfil has liquid filtration properties, it is always better to keep it as dry as possible to prevent spoilage.

Removal of specific stains

In the event that, despite that take proper maintenance of your Crema Marfil, a specific stain appears, the most recommended is the following:

  • Coffee stains: rub the stain with a mixture of water and borax. The dosage should be 1 cup water 3 tablespoons borax.
  • Wine stains: As in the previous case.
  • Yellow stains: rub this kind of yellowish spots with a brush, water and vinegar.
  • Stains: rubbed with water, salt and lemon.

Remember not to abuse the lemon and vinegar because you may end up deteriorating this product.

General recommendations

The stains on the Crema Marfil not usual but now that you’ve learned how to do routine cleaning and how to make the specific cleaning of certain stains, note that:

  • You must dry the powder frequently.
  • Do not use too strong cleaning liquids that may damage the material.
  • Never use bleach or ammonia.

With our three tips to keep the Crema Marfil as the first day you’ll not have any problem for maintenance of this very durable and elegant material. Do you sign to take care of your home materials the right way to expand its durability?

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