Características del mármol crema marfil envejecido

The more common concept on marble is, in general, is to be used in interior spaces, already is in bathrooms as washbasins, walls or soils, or even in some kitchens for the countertop.
Is true that this use is known, practical and very nice, but there is that consider that the marble cream ivory also is perfect for your use in foreign, both for pools, as for some spaces in cities, and especially for facades.

Is Crema Marfil ideal for outdoor use?

Crema Marfil marble is a material that looks really good in general, is a fact, but in outdoor spaces, as well as apparently being flamboyant, has advantages for its resistance and its adaptability. Thanks to the versatility offered by this material, you can get a level of care and distinguished design. In addition, other materials creating a perfect, delicate finish can perfectly be combined with some. Depending on the treatment, it allows to give a different appearance that can be polished, honed or aged. Perhaps the last two would be the most appropriate for outdoor use.
In terms of decoration and architecture, is one of the materials most valued and appreciated, since it gives many possibilities and allows a very fine and elegant finish. In Stonelink there is the possibility of purchasing them in form of tile, in blocks or tables, and also with cut to measure. The durability that offer makes that this element is a choice perfect.

Systems of placement on facades

There are mainly two procedures for placing the Crema Marfil marble, each a with different characteristics.

On the one hand, the ventilated facades, that are probably the more recommended and to his time which more advantages offers. To the install the marble of this way, is a space between the wall outside of the building and the portion of marble cream ivory that is place. The system carrying between needs of a design specific and adapted to each situation.
On the other hand, we should not use ventilated facades, where marble is directly attached to the wall via a paste. Having this in mind, the advantage more remarkable of the ventilated facades is that allow a great thermal insulation, gaining efficiency energy for all the property. The air Chamber that we have seen, acts as a thermal regulator and distributes heat coming into the facade.

There is that consider then that the Crema Marfil marble is very suitable obviously for interiors, but that also is perfectly appropriate for foreign, to give a touch of fineness, neatness and subtlety.
You may contact with us if needed, will be a pleasure to meet you your doubts or issues without any commitment. If you need some information or advice about how it would be best to use this material, specific uses, or how they could adapt to your ideas, in Stonelink we are at your disposal.

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