When choosing the decoration of our home or office tend to arise many questions around which material to use, where to get it or how much we are willing to spend and other topics that are generally not familiar to us. In addition, it is not easy to achieve a harmony between materials, the furniture, the light of every space and its peculiarities.

Therefore usually you should go to professionals in the decoration of interior who are well aware what are the materials suitable for each situation. Of this form are capable of achieving that has tune among them different elements that decorate a space, already it is a home, office or space public.

The Crema Marfil marble in concrete is one of the materials more demanded and recommended in the last years by builders and decorators.

Crema Marfil marble , the best relation price & quality.

No accident that decorators inside around the world are betting from makes some time ago already by the marble Crema Marfil as a decorative element. And is that the Crema Marfil marble has several unique features that make it the best marble of the market.

Its brightness and beige tonality give elegance and presence that makes wonderfully look any space . Whether it be floors, stairs, countertops or fireplaces. Thanks to its brightness special, it´s a  perfect marble for environments in which between little light since, thanks to its characteristics, the little light that between is will see with more brilliance. Crema Marfil marble provides also much more look to any living room or kitchen for example.

There are that have in has also that, while the Crema Marfil marble tends to be translucent, this type of marble also it can get in different ranges of colors that van from them shades white, red, Brown, green or yellow. As you can see, thanks to the peculiar characteristics, Crema Marfil marble is perfectly integrated into any type of decoration in the home.

Highly resistant and easy maintenance

When we speak of Crema Marfil not only we are talking about material elegant and beautiful, but a natural stone extremely resistant to external factors and which does not require a costly or laborious maintenance. This makes that is to their time a material of long durability since its wear is much lower that other materials or marbles.

However, although it does not require great care or too special maintenance, it is certain that if specific recommendations are followed can extend its useful life even more. In the same way, we also manage to maintain its original state for longer. Does time you had those procedures and tricks on how to keep Crema Marfil marble.

Extremely versatile

Crema Marfil marble is perfect to decorate almost any place in your home, from the living room or the kitchen , to the bathroom the stairs , walls, ceilings, and basically everything you imagine and want to decorate your home. Crema Marfil is so versatile that you can use it from the most common places you just quote to countertops or fireplaces.

Another advantage of Crema Marfil marble is the wide range of finishes from which you can choose. At Stonelink, we specialize for many years in the extraction and further processing of this marble. Why get a perfect finish for different styles and uses.

Currently these are the finished more prominent:

  • Cream ivory with antique finish marble
  • Marble crema marfil with finished honed
  • Marble crema marfil with finish sandblasted
  • Marble cream ivory with a Bush-hammered finish

For all these reasons the Crema Marfil marble is a material that, while it is not cheaper material decoration market, is the best that you can find on value for money in the marble sector. Elegance and beauty, together with a huge resistance make it the ideal material for any home.



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