In the Crema Marfil industry we always talk about the quarries on going quality output, about the blocks volume of extraction, if the demand of blocks is higher or lower than the polished material, etc… but we never talk about the different sizes that produce the Crema Marfil tiles and their evolution through the years.

What is clear is that the final use determines the thickness, so we can talk that 1cm tiles will be used for refurbishment projects mainly or cladding walls or if we talk about a 2cm tile will be laid on the floor most of the cases.

We consider that there are two main markets that in the beginning forced us to produce the so named Imperial shapes, that were mere translations of the ones measured in Inches and not in centimetres.

This markets were United Kingdom and United States of America.

United Kingdom made standard their own sizing system due to it´s global influence in the last century and so did in the EEUU.

Crema Marfil marble has became a must have for all the retailers in UK and EEUU and they have not moved from the old sizes since the very beginning, that are:

  •  Crema Marfil 45,7×45,7×1,5cm (18×18 inches): This is the flagship and more demanded tile size used in EEUU, due to it´s versatility to be used for flooring or tiling walls due to it´s thickness and moderate size.
  •  Crema Marfil 30,5×30,5x1cm (12×12 inches): This tile shape has been used for most of the applications as refurbishment, bathroom tiling, small rooms, kitchens, etc… also this tile size is with in the 18×18 Crema Marfil mable  most sold ones in America.

As the market and industry became more efficient the market started to ask for more rectangular tiles so the 61×30,5x1cm (24×12 inches) was born to stay in the market.

Then in the 90´s the trend of using bigger tiles like Europe´s 60x60x2cm developed the 60x60x1,5cm (24×24 inches) that was the Imperial size version.

The Japanese market demanded the 40x40x1,5cm & 45,7×45,7×1,5cm and the 60x60x1,5cm from the very beginning.

Japan was a main export target in the mid 80´s and 90´s for most of the strongest exporting Crema Marfil companies as was a strong housing growing market.

In Belgium and the Netherlands the Crema Marfil 60x40x2, 40x40x2 & 60x60x2cm tile size became an standard for more than two decades since the 80´s, specially in the honed finish.

In Spain, the Crema Marfil local market, the main used sizes where the 60x40x2 in the North and central country area (Madrid) and the 60x30x2 in Seville (South of Spain) and Barcelona.

Also South America and Miami area demanded the 60x30x2 and 60x60x2 as well as the rest of Imperial sizes 18×18,16×16 & 12×12.

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