Cantera Crema Marfil

The Crema Marfil marble is among the building materials the most popular decoration and defendant in Spain but his fame extends to the whole world. As already have explained in other article, the authentic Crema Marfil comes from the quarries located in Alicante at the mountain of the Coto.

Spain is the only country exporting original and reliable Crema Marfil marble.

Like any product of fashion, with a huge demand, imitations abound. It is not difficult to find us with succulent offerings of Crema Marfil marble with prices much lower than the real one.

Then you will learn how to detect these imitations that, of course, are of quality and resistance infinitely less than the authentic Crema Marfil marble extracted from the Alicante El Coto quarries.


Do I find genuine Crema Marfil cheap?

The process of extraction and the subsequent treatment to which is exposed this natural stone has an impact direct in the price end of the same. Now, there will always be offers or special discounts depending on the volume of the order, the availability stock as well as the type of finish that we ask.

If we leave lead by them succulent offers that abound by internet in which find varieties of marble of a hue similar that are sold to the public as Crema Marfil original . Normally the price is much lower than that of the original Crema Marfil.

Finding a quality product such as this at derisory prices should make us suspicious. The problem comes when these imitations are sold, not by less but for the same price that the original. So the consumer not have why suspect of the quality or origin of the material.

In Stonelink, we have spent many years pioneering the Crema Marfil marble extraction and guarantee a high quality product. Which is not incompatible with that offer in a timely manner special prices and discounts. For example, since have of a large stock, have greater margin to adapt our prices both to large orders as to small orders for small reforms.

In addition, by having a large number of varieties and Crema Marfil finishes we have a wide range of prices. By what it can find Crema Marfil marble cheap at Stonelink. The most important thing is that we are acquiring quality and a product with a guarantee of durability for many years. Something that any product of imitation not can offer us and that, therefore, to the long us will end up leaving more expensive that the original.

How to identify the original Crema Marfil marble

It is essential that we know how to identify the real Crema Marfil to avoid unnecessary scams and bring us an annoyance. For this we must know the material to the perfection.

Classifications, types of Crema Marfil

In identifying a real Crema Marfil marble should bear in mind that there is a wide range of classifications in the market. The problem comes when, to the have a host of varieties, the manufacturers and companies that market it not always use the same names which can generate a great uncertainty to the not know well what variety are buying exactly.

First, we must distinguish between two types of tones, the light and the dark. This is a most common classifications among the companies that sells the Crema Marfil. Based on the key, you can go to buy Crema Marfil marble with streaks or without them, more or less dense.

Unfortunately none of these features can help you at the time of identify Crema Marfil original or not original since there is a great fan of varieties aesthetic of the same with different concentrations of veins.

The marble Crema marfil and its finished

Level of finishes, the Crema Marfil more popular for its easy maintenance is the Crema Marfil polished . However, can find it in its finished aged, honed, sandblasting or bushhammered, among others. The choice will depend on your preferences and the possible combinations that you can make in your home.

In definitive, when go to search prices, types and qualities of marble Crema Marfil must put all our senses and investigate well before launch us to the purchase of the same since can be victims of a scam very easily.

In Stonelink we put to your entire disposal for any doubt that have, you will advise delighted and without no type of commitment.



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