60x60x2 cm tile

The king of the market

Our tile of 60x60x2 centimeters is placed in first line as far as quality is concerned. We take care of every detail to get the best Crema Marfil tile on the market:

  • We guarantee the best polishing and use of the best resins.
  • We use protection meshes on each and every one of the tiles.
  • We refilled the songs as no one else does.
  • We ensure a perfect finish, straight and smooth.

Presentation and security

We were pioneers in the improvement of the packaging of the tiles of this marble, as much aesthetic as of security.

All our drawers have protection cork to avoid any damage in the transport. All this in a perfectly sealed wooden box, thus achieving maximum support.

Quality control

At Stonelink we carry out 3 inspection processes in order to guarantee the highest quality in our Crema Marfil marble. Only when we are sure that our marble meets all the requirements we add our seal of quality.
The Stonelink quality seal ensures maximum supervision and care of the Crema Marfil throughout the process. This allows us to talk about our Crema Marfil as one of the best options on the market.

Are you interested in our 60x60x2cm tile?

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