Are you interested in our 60x30x2cm tile?

60x30x2 cm tile

The most flexible format

In Stonelink we also offer tiles in format 60x30x2 centimeters. It is a smaller format to fit more specific needs. As in the 60x60x2 tile, we guarantee the highest quality: exhaustive polishing, protection meshes on each tile, refined edges and perfect finishes.

As in the 60x60x2 format the packaging is also very important. We guarantee the highest protection through our uniform drawers and good presentation.

Presentation and security

We were the first to improve the packaging of the tiles. An improvement of aesthetic, but above all, security.

Our Crema Marfil crates in 60x30x2 cm have protection cork in order to avoid any impact during transport. In addition, the wooden box is perfectly sealed to achieve the best possible hold.

Quality control

We carry out up to 3 inspection processes in order to achieve the highest possible quality in our Crema Marfil marble. We want to be sure that our marble meets all the necessary requirements to be able to add the seal of quality.

This seal guarantees total supervision and control in the process. This allows us to boast of one of the best Crema Marfil marbles on the market.


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